Who is Cecili Simmons EL?




Greetings Goddess!​

Thank you for visiting my website. My platform, Operation Fibroid Freedom was created out of necessity and from personal, firsthand experience to solve and dissolve uterine fibroids from my own womb, and now to assist other Goddesses to succeed at doing the same. 

I was once confined to my bedroom, out of fear and anxiety due to constant heavy bleeding also called "flooding" or "menorrhagia" from uterine fibroid tumors that were plaguing my womb and life. I prayed, and prayed, and asked for help with how to shrink fibroids naturally and decided that once I learned how to shrink fibroids from my own womb, I would help other women suffering from the same problem. 

That's the main reason and mission of my platform, Operation Fibroid Freedom is dedicated to instructing women globally on ways to manifest fibroid elimination, fibroid freedom 100% Naturally -through NO operation at all. 

Fibroids are NO JOKE. The struggles are definitely not minor.. and it's important to know that it's not about a single capsule, pill, or herb that I took solely - rather the focus is intuiting, and doing the detective work to uncover areas in your life where you may be contributing to the underlying causes of uterine fibroids like estrogen dominance, and unaddressed toxicities in your body, mind, soul, life etc. 

The Journey to Natural Fibroid Freedom is what I refer to as the Natural FIbroid Freedom Journey.. it's a path through what looks like a dark, undiscovered, menacing forest - however as someone who has been through and made it out of the forest - and as your Guide, Operation Fibroid Freedom will be there to help to illuminate key steps along your path throughout your journey, revealing hidden steps for you along the various twists and turns that your journey presents. Let me assist you in building your path today and navigate your fibroid freedom journey through the forest to success. Start your journey by visiting the "Services" section of this website.

My Vision

The Operation Fibroid Freedom vision is to empower all Goddesses who have eyes to see to return to nature, activate their womb power and reclaim their birthright to divine womb wellness.