Day 3 - Qualities of Goddesses Who Shrink Fibroids Naturally

Can you depend on you to give YOU what YOU are lacking? what YOU so deserve? Can you give your truest Assessment of what needs to be cut out?

what needs to be added in

WHO needs to be cut out?

...left on “read”

What chapters need to be closed?

..and which Chapters need to be re-read and marked up with a highlighter pen Sis?

Can you depend on YOU to give your body what it needs to shrink Fibroids ?

Your answer to this question is your answer to whether or not you have this quality of self-reliance

To fully illustrate self-reliance in relation to unlocking Natural Fibroid freedom, a few words come to mind that I need you to tap into.

1. Audacity. Baby, you got to have the audacity to believe that Shrinking Fibroids is for you!

2. Entitlement When it comes to manifesting Wellness, reversing sickness and disease, doing things with health that many most even consider miraculous or impossible, you have to grab with it Entitlement. Like Literally.. take ownership of the outcome that you desire. In this case, it’s time for you to own your success at becoming naturally Fibroid Free -even though you may at presemy be suffering from Fibroids.. Grasp the future version of you that is fibroid free 100% naturally! See her. Feel her. Be her now. I‘m gonna need you to live how you are going to live when you become Naturally fibroid free, NOW. Do the things that you would do if you didn’t have fibroids NOW as if you already have gotten rid of Fibroids.

Back to Self-Reliance. In order to pull off such a feat (as I did a few years ago) it was important for me to realize to INNERSTAND, understand that nobody could do it for me.

I had to do it so I didn’t have anybody to blame or anybody to cling onto to or to hold on tightly, squeezbig for dear life -except myself. That’s where you need to be with your natural Fibroid Freedom journey. And by journey, I mean the steps of your Fibroid Freedom Action Plan in the form of the lifestyle changes that you know you need to make in order to bring back balance to your womb and your life. Of course if you don’t know what those changes are, if you need help, if you are not 100% sure how to cover every base to activate fibroid elimination, reach out to me and I can help you. But just know, that nobody can do it for you. You have to put in the work everyday Sis! Nobody is coming to save you -except me- I’m coming right now to save you but again I can only guide you I can’t move your feet and walk you down the path you have to make the decision to put the work in every day and do it! So if you’re with me feel free to message me, and let’s get you on board for Group Fibroid Freedom and Coaching or 1-on-1 90 Day Private Fibroid Coaching in 2022! Get a proven system in place that has gotten me and so many other Goddesses results of fibroid freedom, vibrant fertility, and saving their wombs and preventing Fibroids from returning.

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(* Added 5:29pm 12/15/21)

Another reason you must have self-reliance on your natural Fibroid Elimination journey is because there will be doubters. There will be naysayers, There will be detractors- people who don’t believe you can do it - and don’t believe that it’s real. Your family.. in the doctors office ..on the job and sometimes even in voices in your head!

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