Qualities of Goddesses who Shrink Fibroids Naturally.. A 5 Part Series. 1. The Visionary

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

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Are you in touch with your self as a visionary? Do you have confidence in your ability to see with your mind’s eye, and watch it come to pass? Are you

able to see it through until it happens even in times when your reality does not match up with your vision?

Are you able and ready to retreat into any environment you desire with your third eye in order to craft a different reality -and after that can you to detach and trust that it is happening?

When I had fibroids, I was told that they were "too big to shrink." I was told that my vision was not my own. Are you strong enough to give people back their own doubts, and sift through the confusion from outside sources and stick to what you know to be true even if your only evidence is that (VISION) which you have it on your heart??

This is where the visionary is born, and this is where you are headed if you are serious about shrinking fibroids naturally. Fibroids are inviting you to get in touch with your vision. Deeper than "getting in touch," fibroids are calling you to CREATE your vision and to see your dreams of DISSOLVING FIBROIDS through to fruition.

A great example of that illustrates how easily you are already operating with your inner vision effortlessly is the fact that you have not physically seen in your 3-D reality the fibroids that are supposedly tucked away in your womb yet you are most likely feeling and experiencing the real symptoms everyday. Another great example of how we are tricked into using our visionary powers for other people is how the western medical community expects us to accept or "buy-in" to negative statistics about fibroids as an inevitable part of life for so-called black women that they can only be eliminated through surgery. in order to is another form of us operating under and being controlled by negative visions from outside sources. They say if you don't have a vision for your life, you'll end working for someone else's. I am suggesting that you take control by changing your vision for yourself and what is available to you with uterine fibroids by starting in your mind's eye. Envision the Fibroids as Dissolved 100% Naturally and simply aligning your daily habits to support that this is what you know because what you command about yourself will always hold the most power.. more so than ANY outside source, opinion, doctor or statistic in the physical, and quantum realities.

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