Day 2 - Qualities of Goddesses Who SHRINK FIBROIDS Naturally

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Shrinking Fibroids Naturally took commitment.

In order to have the commitment, you must be clear on exactly what it is that you are committing to, and that answer will vary from woman to woman.

To make a commitment to Shrink Fibroids Naturally looks something like: making a commitment to become closer to nature in all aspects of life and/or becoming closer to the true nature of who you are. Your commitment -what you were committing to- what you are being called to commit to.. lies somewhere in your response to these prompts.

Now when we talk about commitment, it means doing it doing what you know you need to do. It also means staying committed when no one‘s looking. Staying committed for yourself -by yourself, without a team, sometimes without validation from outside sources. Commitment asks 'do you truly believe, and know what it is that you say to be true about what is available to you in terms of dissolving Fibroids tumors?'

Commitment means it becomes a lifestyle and not a trend or a cute activity to engage in like fleeting womb circles + vision board parties that everybody else is doing when it’s cool. Rather, it is behaviors that you are prioritizing BEFORE you do anything else. BEFORE you agree to attend any gatherings, BEFORE you head out for work, BEFORE you get involved in the next relationship, BEFORE you eat whatever it is on that menu, your commitment is calling out to you to be your first and primary accountability Boot Camp buddy.. and btw your commitment is not some outside source -but your commitment is found IN you.

Your commitment is a tool to help you begin to see positive changes in your situation with uterine fibroids- or any other form of imbalance or infirmity in your life, if you stay committed your commitment acts as a buddy that will come through for you on your behalf.

Now it's important to note that commitment has a friend of its own = Consistency.

Consistency is another ingredient in the recipe of natural Fibroid Elimination because without it, commitment is just commitment one moment in time.. BUT along with consistency, a commitment becomes easier everyday. A commitment becomes with consistency more successful every minute, every hour, every breath, every temptation, every second that we use these two keys we are able to unlock Fibroid freedom.

Many have asked, and will continue to ask because it’s the golden question: if I buy your program.. If I sign up for coaching.. how long will it take for me to become Fibroid free?

I would like to invite you to realize the error in that question because the reality is, since commitment lies inside of you , your clarity and transparency with yourself on how committed you can be to your lifestyle changes -the Fibroid Freedom Action Plan- along with your consistency is the answer to your question of how long it will take.

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