Live Zoom Webinar on the Prerequisites to Shrinking Fibroids Naturally

Stop Feeding Fibroids
Start Shrinking Them


Presented by Cecili Simmons EL,
Founder & CEO at Operation Fibroid Freedom

Stop playing the guessing game with your womb health! Learn the keys to unlock natural hormone balance and START shrinking fibroids today!

In this webinar we will cover

In this webinar we will cover:

This live zoom webinar is designed for Goddesses who are completely new to shrinking Fibroids Naturally and need guidance on Natural Fibroid Elimination for beginners!


Learn my top go-to herbs that I recommend to set you up for success and your natural Fibroid Elimination journey 
This course is also designed to equip students with the fundamental basic building blocks of what natural the Fibroid Elimination Lifestyle requires.
Learn the importance of your mind and understanding of nature and energy in order to activate your body‘s natural Fibroid Shrinking processes.
So many think that they are on the right track to shrinking fibroids, but continue to prolong their suffering and battle with infertility due to inexperience with herbs, toxic habits that are incompatible with the holistic lifestyle and lack of basic experience and knowledge about detoxification.
In Stop Feeding Fibroids, Start Shrinking Them you will learn critical information that will form the proper foundation to build a solid plan that if followed correctly with consistency, will help you to Shrink Fibroids Naturally
In this course you will learn how to reverse engineer why are you developed fibroids in order to establish a efficient protocol fix
This course is the first course of a series of upcoming Natural Fibroid Freedom courses with Cecili, and all who attend this course, will be granted entry into future courses in this series for just $97
Limited Seats Available! Enroll now and save your spot.
Course Duration: Approximately 2 hours including Q and A - Live Zoom Webinar
Replay will be available for 30 days after course date



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